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Plus, the traditional style of this charger ensures you can house it on any table, desktop or shelf without drawing attention. Inside the wireless charger, the spy security camera sports a rechargeable battery which can record up to two hours of video from a full charge.

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The camera itself records at p HD quality and has a degree recording angle, giving you impressive coverage in your position of choice. Type keyword s to search. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Hacked iPhone chargers could let snoops spy on devices

More From Smartphones. The best Sky Mobile phone deals for March. Vodafone has a huge January sale on right now. This device can be used in voice activated mode also.

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By sending different text, it will revert back to normal mode operation where you call the device. It can be connected to the mains or pc to work indefinitely and charge an Iphone as well. Two types are available, iphone 5 with the small lightning connector and all other iphones.

These will work in any country as they simply plug into the USB socket of a pc or your own mains adaptor. Under close examination it looks like an ordinary Samsung charger but conceals a hidden GSM spy bug. The phone can then simply slot in for charging at any time.

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It can be connected to the mains or pc to work indefinitely and charge your phone as well. Nokia cell phone charger GSM spy surveillance bug. It simply plugs into the mains.

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Your Nokia phone can then be connected for charging at any time. Samsung mains cell phone charger GSM spy surveillance bug.

http://gatsbydesign.co.uk/the-science-of-the-fastball.php Your Samsung phone can then be connected for charging at any time. Flash memory stick GSM spy surveillance bug.

It looks like an ordinary flash stick that many people carry around and use but this one conceals a GSM spy bug. Simply insert any type of sim card as you would in an ordinary mobile phone and place the device in the a USB socket on a pc, games consol, TV ETC or leave it somewhere as it can be powered by it's own internal rechargeable battery. You can now call the device using a telephone from anywhere you like, the device will automatically activate allowing you to hear all conversations up to 30 feet away from the device with crystal clarity.